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14u Memorial Day Classic

Monday, May 29, Gill Stadium
Championship: Granite State Elite 7, MVP Royal 5

Pool A
Granite State Elite 3-0 (11) POOL WINNER
Bobcats Hastings 2-1 (11)
Lions 0-2 (24)
MVP Black 1-2 (16)
Lions 0-2 (42)

Pool B
MVP Royal 3-0 (11) POOL WINNER
Maine Sting 2-1 (16)
Dresden Dodgers 2-1 (9)
NE Charge 1-2 (26)
Bobcats Maccarone 1-3 (39)

MVP Royal 8, Bobcats Maccarone 3
Maine Sting 22, Bobcats Maccarone 4
Maine Sting 3, Dodgers 1
Dodgers 7, Charge 6
MVP Royal 14,  Charge 8

Bobcats Hastings 11,  MVP Black 0
Granite State Elite 8, Bobcats Hastings 5
MVP Black 11, Lions 1
Granite State Elite 13, Lions 2

Sunday, May 28, Gill Stadium, 396 Valley St., Manchester, NH 03103
Bobcats Hastings 18, Lions 3
GS Elite 4, MVP Black 3
MVP Royal 11, Maine Sting 0
Charge 9, Bobcats 
Mac 5
Bobcats Maccarone 2, Dodgers 1

-- Winner qualifies for the USABL World Series in Tom's River, N.J. 
-- Teams must provide their own game balls
-- Champs receive a Custom Trophy Wood Bat from Cooperstown Bat Company
-- MVP Trophy awarded

Away/Home -- First team listed on the master schedule is the visiting team. In playoffs, higher seeds are home teams.

Site coordinators -- Responsible for enforcing facility rules, time limits as well as making decisions regarding the weather and field conditions. Should any controversy arise, site coordinator makes final ruling.

Bat Restrictions -- 14u Tournament must be BBCOR or wood.

Time Limits -- Pool play is 1-hour, 50-minutes and always finish the inning. If there is enough time and daylight to finish the game (or if no other teams are waiting), the game shall continue its natural course. No time limit on playoff games. Site coordinator always has final say.

Ties -- Ties allowed in pool play after time limit has been reached. No new inning can start after 1 hour, 50 minutes. If tied after regulation in playoff games, California-style tiebreaker shall apply. (Bases loaded, one out.)

Run Rule -- Mercy rule for all ages is 15 after three innings, 10 after four innings, 8 runs after five. 

No metal spikes at Gill Stadium. No gum. No seeds.

Playoff seeds -- Top seeds are based on pool records (winning percentage), head-to-head, then runs allowed, then run differential, and, if needed, a coin flip. Head-to-head is only a factor when two teams have identical record. IMPORTANT: For teams playing four pool play games only their FIRST THREE GAMES count toward pool play standings.

Mound visits -- Pro-style EBL rules apply. Pitchers must be replaced on the second trip to the mound for the same pitcher in the same inning. Once a pitcher has been removed from the game or goes to another position, he may not re-enter the same game as a pitcher.

Extra Hitters (EH) are allowed. Roster batting is allowed. Batting order never changes.

Balks -- Call Balks. No warnings.

Weather-related refunds -- If games are not played as a result of unplayable fields or inclement weather, teams will be issued the following refunds: No games: 100 percent refund; one game: 75 percent refund; two games: no refund. A $50 processing fee will be charged for entry cancellations within 30 days of tournament start date. No refund for any cancellations within 30 days of tournament start date.

Other FAQ -- Teams must be at their field and ready to play 30 minutes before the scheduled start of their game. We will start the game 10-15 minutes early when possible. Teams may start a game with eight players if necessary. If this happens, the ninth batter will be an automatic out in the ninth spot in the order until the player arrives and fills the ninth spot.

Please do not bring your own grill for the parking lot. No dogs. No alcohol. No tobacco products. These complexes will follow a Zero Tolerance policy.

Injury Rule -- If a player leaves a game or cannot play as a result of injury (and only eight players remain in the lineup or no legal substitution is available) that player's spot will be an automatic out in the batting order. Once that player leaves the game for injury, he may not return. 
Insurance -- Each team is required to carry its own insurance certificate naming "New Hampshire Bobcats" as insured and submit a certificate of insurance prior to tournament. 

Umpires -- There is a local and national shortage. Youth and high school games often have one umpire these days. Please be respectful of all umpires and do not be that person yelling at the umpire.

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